New Website for Timos.dk

8TALLET, RAMBLA and LOFT, are restaurants all located in the young district of Ørestad. In Allinge, Bornholm, restaurant SOMMER is where summer guests and locals can enjoy their food with great views of the harbor and the Baltic Sea. And at Vesterbro BODIL, which is the place for both the locals and those who would like to expand the restaurant horizon with a cozy eatery where food and wine are in the special class.


Timo Hoffman is the man behind, but it’s no wonder Timo & Co., since 2004 he has together with a strong and talented team of chefs, waiters and interior designers created a number of distinctive and successful cafes and restaurants with each of their personalities. Serious website with extra emphasis on media, smartphones, iPhones, tablets and iPads. Would you like to hear more, please call or email. We update, maintain and host this website.

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