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Hotel Sleep CPH

Sleep CPH self catering budget hostel Sleep CPH is a self-catering budget hostel with shared bath and toilet facilities and shared kitchen and living room. The place caters to everyone who needs to live delicious, cheap and central in the fohold to the metro, city and airport. Here, in cooperation with Staffeldt, we have developed […]


Nordic Gateway Partners “Keep it simple” is the Collage motto and here’s another example of a simple and informative site for the company Nordicgatewaypartners. Nordic Gateway Partners are known for their position in the West African countries, where they open doors to Danish companies ready for new challenges in a growing and developing part of […]

Pia Andersen Smykker

Pia Andersen Jewelry Simple and functional webshop for Pia Andersen Jewelry that is known for its beautiful unique jewels. The webshop Pia Andersen Jewelry is built in a modern, easy and fast loaded website design. The shopping system is WooCommerce with STRIPE as the payment gateway. Easy and efficient online sales A great solution for […]

New Website for Curasight Curasight is a pioneer in exploiting a new Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging platform targeting the urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (“uPAR”). The technology provides improved diagnosis and risk assessment in several cancers, especially for risk assessment in prostate cancer. Result Here we startet with designing a new logo and brand for […]

New Website for 8TALLET, RAMBLA and LOFT, are restaurants all located in the young district of Ørestad. In Allinge, Bornholm, restaurant SOMMER is where summer guests and locals can enjoy their food with great views of the harbor and the Baltic Sea. And at Vesterbro BODIL, which is the place for both the locals […]

Kronborg Care A/S

Kronborg Care A/S “Keep it simple” is the Collage motto and here’s another example of a simple and informative site for the company Kronborg Care. Kronborg Care A / S has been working on accessibility for more than 20 years. We therefore have good experience and knowledge to deliver the most suitable product for the specific […]


CHALLENGE An exciting project. Prepared in Flash. Preparation in collaboration with AD Joel Andersen. Thorough work was done on functionality and, in collaboration, we reached a functionally nice design that, at the same time, distinguished itself from the volume. RESULT An exciting project, lots of functionality and design.  

Advantage Luxembourg

CHALLENGE Good functionality and design under construction Advantage Luxembourg. An exciting WordPress project. We update, maintain and host this site. We have also designed logo, brochures and paper for Advantage Luxembourg. RESULT An exciting project with lots of functionality and simple design. We update, maintain and host this website.

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